Friday, 23 May 2014

Fallacious Ford

Not quite a new build, this AMT 1/25 '32 Ford had been sitting unloved for years in my stash, until a Group Build on the Unofficial Airfix Modellers' Forum rekindled an interest. The concept was to build an aviation-themed car kit, and there were some really creative solutions. This particular kit was awful – soft mouldings, loads of flash, indifferent fit of parts – but I derived a perverse sense of enjoyment in building something other than a plane and totally spurious. I went with a 'yellow-wings' theme and scratch built a cockpit using sheet styrene and spares from an old Airfix 1/24 Bf109. The biggest challenge was the gloss paintwork – I simply don't know how you car guys get those rich, deep, mirror-like finishes. I used Tamiya spray-paints and they behaved superbly, which I then polished using Tamiya compounds. Unfortunately the application of U.S. markings necessitated a few coats of Future/Pledge, and that somehow seemed to take the edge off the factory finish I was going for. Still, I learnt a lot and am tempted to build another car (probably not an AMT kit, though).


  1. I love the concept and the thinking outside the square. Cockpit is excellent and the guns out the grill very cool. with some drivers on the road today i'd like that in my car now.
    Great job...

    1. Thanks Shayne, I know what you mean ;) I enjoyed the build, so much so that I've bought a Tamiya Honda F1 model which looks a million miles from this AMT kit.

  2. Oh yes you will love the quality of that one...