Thursday, 7 February 2013

Feeling Snarky

This is the re-released old Revell Snark, box-scale approx 1/81. Biggest task was sanding off all the rivets and raised decal-placement mouldings. Revell provide white decal stripes for the markings but I wasn't sure how well they'd fit so they were masked and painted. The build article is in this month's (March 2013) issue of Airfix Model World. 

Friday, 1 February 2013

Japanese paper planes

The Kayaba ram-jet fighter was very much an IJA '46 project, never proceeding beyond a single glider prototype. After the Eurofighter struggle I needed something quick and simple and Meng's 1/72 kit(s) did the trick; two in a box, superb fit of parts, good surface detail and no accuracy questions to anguish over. Both schemes are spurious of course, I did the camo a/c straight from the box, but added a little more cockpit detail and some panel lines to the orange plane. They were published in the Dec 2012 issue of Tamiya Model Magazine International. Based on the quality of the Meng kit I ordered their 1/72 F-102, which is en route from HobbyLink Japan.