Thursday 5 September 2013

Sprue Cutters' Union 7: My better half

A couple of years ago my wife Kerry and I were holidaying In Palm Springs, house-sitting for some friends. I decided to make use of Sprue Brothers' excellent service and US postal rates while we were down there.  A day after ordering the 1/72 Special Hobby F-86H, it was delivered. Unfortunately we'd chosen that day for a photographic excursion to the Salton Sea, so the model sat in an aluminum mail box in 112˚ heat for several hours. Needless to say, the kit was completely ruined, along with my mood.  Back in Canada a few weeks later and a parcel arrived out of the blue; a replacement kit, this time in perfect condition. Kerry had surreptitiously made a note of the kit's details, opened her own account with Sprue Brothers and ordered me a replacement.

Special Hobby 1/72 F-86H

While my wife has absolutely zero interest in building a kit herself she's fully supportive of my hobby for one simple reason: she knows it brings me pleasure. She's accompanied me to several US Nats (although I suspect there's an ulterior motive as the first thing she checks online is the location of the nearest 'White House Black Market' store); travels to model contests with me helping to ferry entries and purchases back and forth to the car; and enthuses over my latest builds (I have a hunch this may be feigned, but I still appreciate the effort). 
The least I can do of course is reciprocate by supporting her hobbies. These include watching every televised NFL, NHL, and CFL game. I kid you not – Kerry loves watching sports, so I selflessly sacrifice my time to watch alongside her.
As I suspect is the case for many of us, it's taken a previous failed marriage to help me really appreciate how fortunate I am to have Kerry's support, not just with hobbies but all aspects of life. On the slim chance that she's surfing the internet reading plastic modellers' blogs – thanks, babe!

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  1. Awesome, a girl that supports your hobby and likes hockey?? Can't go wrong there!

    1. Cheers Jon: yes, I realise that's a rare combination :)

  2. She ordered you a replacement kit you say?? Wow....just.......WOW. Excellent read!

    1. Thanks Richard. I enjoyed your blog on this topic too, we're very fortunate to have supportive SO's...

  3. Great to see that support for your hobby. :-)

  4. Likewise :) Thanks for the post!