Sunday, 25 March 2012

1/144 Butcher Bird

I always thought 1/144 models were half the size of their 72nd counterparts, but of course that's not true: they're actually 1/8 the size in 3-dimensional terms. Which explains why Eduard's 1/144 Fw190F-8 is dwarfed by the Airfix version I built last year.

Anyway, I built this to jump-start my modelling again. Somewhat burned out after finishing the article series, and without a deadline to motivate me, I've spent the last few weeks watching inane TV re-runs instead of being productive at the bench. I thought a quick completion would help, and as there was a 1/144 Group Build going on over at the Unofficial Airfix Modellers' Forum I jumped in.

The subject is a captured 190 and the camo scheme is completely spurious, applied by the Americans to make it look more Teutonic. The kit was really basic but the shape looked OK, however I've come to the conclusion that 144 scale stuff takes just as long as bigger scales because you have to be that much more detail-oriented; choosing a squiggle-pattern probably didn't help either.


  1. Wonderful work! How ever did you see to do those tiny markings?

  2. Thanks Jon. I used an Optivisor, these days I use it for pretty much all of my close-work modelling tasks. I also have several pairs of off-the-shelf reading glasses which I manage to lose on a regular basis, and then can't see to find them...

  3. that's brilliant work Mike. Cracking Bulldog too
    as for reading glasses, tell me about it, mine usually end up on the floor and I always manage to tread on them! Very pleased to see you as a 'follower' on my blog - frankly though I am not worthy!

    all the best from a warm and sunny Folkestone,


  4. Thanks for commenting Neil, I always enjoy your blog; you do nice work.

  5. Sweet jimminy, that's nice work...

    Best wishes to you.

    John Mollison

  6. Thank you John, much appreciated. Excellent artwork BTW, and compelling stories to go with them.