Thursday 5 December 2013

World Peace, and an Airfix Hurricane.

This week's SCU question: What are four items on your wishlist? Since the answer to that can change daily, I'd better carpe diem and write something down now. As tempted as I am to wish for 'more time to model' or 'better canopy masking skills', I'll try and respond in the spirit in which the question was posed.

Truth is, I really don't need much of anything, least of all kits. In fact I've spent a good part of the year whittling down my stash so to wish for more seems counter-productive, but inevitably there are a few items which I could find room for on the shelf:-

1. Airfix Hurricane Mk. I 1/72
This is a new-tool from Airfix and by all accounts is a lovely little kit which I can see being a weekend project when my mojo fails me (a weekly occurence, so I wouldn't have to wait long).

2. Pit Road Vickers Crossley armoured car 1/35
This is a re-release of a kit that has been pretty hard to find for the last few years, so when it was announced as being in stock at Hobby Link Japan I went straight over there and ordered it. Well, I tried to anyway; there must have been a glitch because I went in a perpetual cycle from log-in page to 'your basket' then back to log-in page, so I was unable to actually land one. Perhaps it was divine intervention preventing me from buying yet another kit I didn't need, or simply a dodgy Japanese server, but as a result it remains on my wish-list.

3. Paint storage racks
Unfortunately I've yet to find a commercially available paint rack system that will comfortably hold all of my hundreds of jars of various brand paints, and my DIY skills are seriously lame, so I'm hoping some generous woodworking friend will see this and offer to do it for me. I've got some plans drawn up...

4. Special Hobby AH-1G Huey Cobra 1/72
Can I wish for a kit that's not even out yet? I've loved the Huey Cobra since I built a Matchbox kit of it back in the 70s, and at last a new-tool kit has been announced and I've even seen test shots of it online, so it must be imminent and I must have one. (Please don't bother telling me there's an AZ Model kit already out – if you do, I'll know you've never built an AZ Model kit).

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  1. I like the look of that Vickers Crossley!

  2. Any time a Cobra is on a list, I have to agree with it. Love the Cobra