Friday 15 November 2013

Epic = Fail

This week's SCU question: If you had the resources, would you attempt one HUGE project? In the context of 'Go Big or Go Home' I'd be on the first bus back to my house. Considering my current out-of-box build of the Eduard 1/72 Bf110D has been on the bench for over four months, the chance of my completing a super-detailed, pull-out-all-the-stops mega-build is like a Calgary winter – well below zero. As other Unionists have stated, there are just too many subjects, too many kits in the stash, too little time and I have way too short an attention-span to focus on a single, huge project. 

I enjoy looking at other peoples' super-projects though, like the Scale Model World showstopping Steam-Punk Bugatti. Superbly conceived and built by Stefano Marchetti, the humbling reality is that even if I had a decade to spend on such a model, I'd never be able to achieve anything like this. (Photos by Darrell Thompson, used with permission)

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  1. Great read and i had to smile about your winters.....I agree i love looking at others detailed works and just dream of doing it...dreams are cheap as well.