Tuesday 10 December 2013

Approaching the bench

The Sprue Cutters Union requests: Show us your Workbench.

About 5 years ago my wife and I became empty-nesters as our adult kids moved out, and over the subsequent years the vacant space has been assimilated into our needs. Two rooms in the basement were knocked into one to create a fitness room for my wife, and – more by osmosis than planning – I took over most of the rest of the floor for modelling. It doesn't always look as tidy as the photos and there've been some minor changes recently but it's essentially still the same.

The main work area is a simple IKEA table flanked by a couple of storage cabinets. 

Since this photo was taken I've added a third angle poise lamp. The small set of drawers in the right corner of the table contains paints and spare parts, and was a gift from my parents in 1973! The kit on the bench is the MPM Gloster Meteor, long since finished.

The cabinets on the wall to the right of my work area contain reference books, model mags and some of my stash, mostly the 1/72 kits.

Painting is done in the utility room, where I've recently installed a spray booth although I'm not happy with its location and may have to move things around.

And directly above the spray booth, the remainder of my stash. (Well, besides the kits below the stairs and in the spare bedroom closet...) 

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  1. That is a perfect space you got there! Really, the most space a modeler needs is for storage. You seem to have that covered pretty well!

  2. Thanks Jon; yes, it's good to be able to put stuff in cabinets and then close the doors on it all. My wife appreciates that too :)

  3. Excellent set up, i like it a lot and it looks like the perfect setup. I like yourself do like to keep things neat and tidy...

  4. That's a very nice looking modelling area you have!