Friday, 6 April 2012

Japanese Midget

No, I'm not being politically incorrect, I'm referring to that classic of the Japanese auto industry, the 1957 Daihatsu Midget, kitted by ARII in their 1/32 'Owners' Series'. It's almost 40 years since I last built a car. The kit's quite basic and moulded in a bilious green plastic that's really brittle, but other than a lot of clean-up the build was quite straightforward.

Main paints are Gunze lacquers followed by several coats of Future, then polished with Tamiya's compounds. Bright shiny bits are done with Alclad chrome. ARII supply a canopy to go over the truck-bed but it's much too thick and slightly oversize so it was left off; besides I like the look of it 'open'. Overall it was a nice change of pace from aircraft and since I have a couple more kits from the same series I'll be doing more in the future.

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