Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Monster problems

Monster Hobbies is a local hobby store in High River, Alberta, Canada, one of the towns worst affected by the recent floods. Most of the shop's inventory was destroyed by the flood, but the local modelling community is rallying round to help owner Trevor and his wife Julie get the store back up and running (for example the AMMS show this last Saturday held a kit-donation drive).

If you have any kits that you feel you'll never build (I know, unlikely right?) and would like to donate them to the Monster Hobbies re-build I know Trevor and Julie would be greatly appreciative. Since they'll be re-selling the kits they're looking for factory-sealed models, or if not then they should be complete, unstarted and in good condition. You can contact them via their website, or e-mail me for shipping info, etc.

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