Thursday, 7 February 2013

Feeling Snarky

This is the re-released old Revell Snark, box-scale approx 1/81. Biggest task was sanding off all the rivets and raised decal-placement mouldings. Revell provide white decal stripes for the markings but I wasn't sure how well they'd fit so they were masked and painted. The build article is in this month's (March 2013) issue of Airfix Model World. 


  1. So you came straight back from freehand brush to a mask frenzy, talk about one extreme to another.. haha

    Very colourful, lovely result. You must quite a collection of colourful subjects Mike.


  2. Cheers Jim - 'mask frenzy' is an apt description, took hours to apply.

    Yes, I like colourful subjects. Some modellers choose their subject matter based on a historical incident or the biography of a particular airman; My decisions are based on how bright and shiny the aircraft is; I must be shallow :) There are a couple of more subdued subjects on the workbench right now.